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 Packaging, Shipping & Handling 

Seed potatoes are packaged and shipped at the right time for your climate. Rockey Farms stores all seed potatoes in fine tuned conditions from the day they are harvested to the day they leave the storage warehouse and are placed on a delivery truck.

When you checkout, you will request a delivery month.

Packaging and shipping can take up to two weeks from when your order is placed.

Please plan accordingly.

Charges will apply for order changes.

Large, Group and Pickup Packaging 

Option #1 

All Large, Group and Pickup orders are placed for 

50 pound mesh bags.


Large, Group and Pickup Orders that are 1,000 pounds or greater per variety can be packaged in tote bags. 

Let us know at checkout. 

Less waste.        

Tote bags will be arranged when you are contacted to finalize your Large, Group or Pickup order. 

Option #2 

 Picking up your seed potatoes at Rockey Farms? 

You are welcome to pick up your order at Rockey Farms. We would love to meet you!

Please let us know a week before you would like to come for your order so we are ready for you.

Please include your order number.

  Large and Group Order Details  

All orders 350 pounds and greater are shipped as freight.

It is impossible for Rockey Farms to fairly price shipping until freight is arranged. 

Shipping and handling costs will not be applied until the group or large order is shipped.

A Rockey Farms representative will contact the group order lead or large order customer to finalize shipping and handling costs, and the seed order.

Once the order is delivered, you will receive an invoice via email for your seed potato order that includes freight costs. 

 Interested in a group order? 

Many Rockey Farms customers come together to ship their seed potato orders as a group. This saves on freight costs and makes shipping more efficient. Contact us for more information on starting a group order or to find out if someone is shipping near you.

 Small Order Packaging 

Seed potato orders totaling 300 pounds or less will be shipped UPS. 

Royalties, shipping and handling costs are included in the listed price. 

Payment via credit card is due at checkout.

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